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Woman React After Being Caught Stealing Wig

Two ladies chased down another woman who stole a wig from them, and they blasted her on TikTok
The confrontation entertained social media users, and people were shocked the girls were fighting over a wig
The heated video went viral and gathered a staggering 4.4 million views on TikTok in just a few days
Footage of an outrageous theft that took place in the United States of America tickled millions of TikTok users.
Video of women’s altercation goes Tiktok viral
Two cousins can be seen in a TikTok clip posted by @dianajha__ running after a woman they suspected of having snatched their wig.
When they caught up to her, they questioned her about the hair, and she denied taking it. The angry duo didn’t buy her story and forcefully grabbed her bag and searched it. The wig was found in the handbag, just as they suspected.
The thief ran away and abandoned her handbag behind, and viewers found that part of the TikTok hilarious.


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