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Woman Crushes Boyfriend’s Dreams of Marriage, Dumps Him Over Phone Day He Was to Propose to Her

  • A man who had planned to surprise the wedding proposal was left stunned after his girlfriend turned him down
  • The man had done research on the best wedding rings that he would offer to his lover as a sign of their union
  • He had gone out of his way to propose to his girlfriend at a fancy restaurant, but she never showed up
Heartbreak has struck a man on a day that was supposed to be the most romantic day of his life, but it turned into his worst nightmare.
A 28-year-old man had meticulously planned to propose to his girlfriend of three years, Elise, but little did he know that heartbreak was waiting for him just around the corner.
According to Mirror, the couple had discussed marriage and children before and agreed to wait until they were financially stable before tying the knot.
“I told her that I won’t be marrying her before I get a job that pays well enough to build our family, and she agreed. Well, I got a very good job two months ago, and we started planning our lives together. Our plan was to get married in the next year or two.,” he wrote.
He even enlisted the help of two of her friends, Leah and David, to plan a special proposal at a secluded cabin surrounded by nature and wilderness.
On the day of the proposal arrived, the man invited Elise to brunch at a fancy restaurant, but things started to take a turn for the worse when he was left waiting for over an hour for Elise and her friends to show up at the cabin.
To his dismay, they never did.
The man’s heart sank as he tried to reach out to Elise. But when he finally managed to get through to her, it was her friend Leah who picked up the phone and delivered the devastating news.
Elise didn’t want to speak to him again, and their relationship was over.
“She told me to never call Elise ever again and that I was dead to her. That I was a horrible human being for doing that to her. That she doesn’t want to see my face or talk to me ever again. I was confused, but before I could say anything, she hung up. I was so confused and started crying and my friends had to console me,” the man said.
The man was left devastated and confused, as he had no idea why his girlfriend suddenly changed her mind about their relationship.


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