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Girlfriend Of The Year, Woman Reject Man With Benz For Broke Lover

Mixed reactions have trailed a leaked conversation between a young lady and a man roasting her
The man, who was full of himself, had attempted to woo her by flaunting his white Benz, but the lady quickly put him in his place
The lady’s epic clap back contained in a voice note has earned her the admiration of internet users
The yet-to-be-identified lady made her boyfriend proud as she defended him before a man toasting her with his whip.
In a leaked WhatsApp conversation, the man mocked the lady that her boyfriend may not have Benz and flaunted his white car.
The lady replied to him with a voice note, admitting that even though her boyfriend did not have a Benz, she wouldn’t dump him.
She swiped at her toaster’s girlfriend, saying she is not one of those car-crazy girls who can leave their boyfriends for someone with one.
She insulted the man to be careful so he did not meet his untimely end. Many Nigerian men showered encomiums on the lady.


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