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The Monarch Warns The Government Not To Meddle In The Selection Process Of The Oba

The Chairman, Ekiti State Council of Traditional Rulers, Oba Ayorinde Ilori-Faboro, has urged kingmakers and those saddled with the selection process of new monarch to follow laid down rules and resist the temptation of financial inducements.
Oba Ilori-Faboro, the Olojudo of Ido Ekiti, who said that “communities progress when the right princes ascend the throne as kings”, also urged governments to avoid interfering with the selection process of traditional rulers, but rather operate as unbiased empires while moderating the process.
The monarch, in a chat with Saturday HERALDREPORTERS, advised that aggrieved contenders for community stools should allow peace to reign by not taking the laws into their hands but follow the legal process.
The Traditional Rulers’ Council chairman, who charged kingmakers to learn from history, said, “They have to be honest and follow the laid down rules. Every town has a declaration for choosing an oba, a declaration that has been signed that the government has agreed to. So, when it is time to choose an oba, they should follow it.
“There is requirement for voting; there is requirement for Ifa oracle consultation. They should find people who are honest Ifa priests to give them the correct advice that they should just follow. If they follow due process and do everything honestly, it will be good for the town.
“It is when people start manipulating and making financial inducement that people become dishonest. Any town where they choose somebody who should not be Kabiyesi as oba, the town will not progress. Every town that wants to progress will make sure they choose honestly, then other things will follow.
“For those who are dissatisfied with the selection process, there are court processes. Such people can always approach the court to seek redress. There is no need to start fighting and bringing out machetes and all kinds of things.
“I went through a process; it took me nine years after the demise of the previous oba for me to come on the throne. I went through the court. That is the process and we will always follow that.
The Olojudo charged governments to live up to expectation by being neutral in obas selection process, saying, “When we have a God-fearing governor, people will respect the process.
“It when politicians start to interfere that all untoward things will come in and then there will be dissatisfaction here and there. When the governor is firm and straight forward and do not exercise undue influence, things will go well, the government will be a good referee if they do not take sides with anybody as required of it,” Oba Ilori-Faboro said.


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