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Security Contractors Conducting Surveillance Operations Have Discovered An Unauthorized Crude Oil Tapping Point In Rivers State

Surveillance contractors engaged in safeguarding oil assets have reported the discovery of an illicit crude oil tapping point in Ogbonga, Oloma community within the Bonny Local Government Area of Rivers State. These contractors have called upon law enforcement agencies to promptly investigate the matter.
Graham Pepple, the Secretary of the Oil Assets Surveillance Contractors Forum in Bonny Kingdom, conveyed this information to journalists in Port Harcourt on Saturday. He revealed that the unlawful loading point had been detected on the Trans Niger Pipeline (TNP), which is owned by the Shell Petroleum Development Company.
Pepple emphasized, “We call on the military, police, civil defense, and all relevant security high commands to move in to investigate the illegal oil loading point situated at Ogbonga, Oloma community. The illegal connection was found to have been installed for the purpose of feeding illegal refineries from the TNP Line. We urge the security authorities to conduct a thorough investigation to identify those responsible for installing the bunkering line.”
He expressed concern over the ongoing criminal activities at this site despite the presence of houseboat stations manned by security agencies in the vicinity, adding, “We are surprised that despite the robust presence of the army and navy houseboats stationed around the said location, loading of illegally refined products via a line illegally connected to the TNP at Ogbonga area of Bonny Island is still going on.”
Pepple, a Surveillance Contractor affiliated with SPDC, concluded, “We are not jumping to any conclusion. All we can say for now is for the security high commands to move for thorough investigations to ascertain what the situation is. We are on the ground to assist with useful information.
Efforts to contact SPDC spokesman Michael Adande proved unfruitful, as he had yet to respond to phone calls and a text message regarding the matter.


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