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Relatives of Victims in Malaysia Airlines Plane Crash Call for a New Investigation

Families of Chinese passengers who lost their lives in the Malaysia Airlines plane disappearance almost a decade ago are urging a new investigation.
A Beijing court began hearing their fresh appeal for compensation as the MH370 jet vanished on March 8, 2014, with 239 people on board, mostly from China. Over 40 families have filed lawsuits against Malaysia Airlines, Boeing, Rolls Royce, and Allianz insurance group. Their litigation focuses on compensation and uncovering the truth behind the flight’s disappearance, with only some pieces of debris found in the vast search zone in the Indian Ocean.
The Australian-led operation, the largest in aviation history, was suspended in January 2017. The families released an open letter addressed to Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, calling for a new search on a “No find, No fee” basis. They expressed their willingness to invest their own money or cooperate with capable individuals and companies. Outside the court, tearful relatives recounted stories of their loved ones, holding signs urging the resumption of the search and calling for an open, fair, and impartial investigation.
It remains unclear what jurisdiction the Chinese court has to enforce compensation claims against the defendants. Each family filed for civil compensation, with settlements already reached for more than 110 other passengers. Despite freezing temperatures, relatives gathered outside the court, expressing the emotional toll of the past ten years and their hope for legal relief. The hearing, not listed on the court’s public website, is expected to continue until mid-December.
The unsolved mystery of MH370 has spurred various theories, from credible to outlandish, including the possibility that the veteran pilot went rogue. A US exploration firm’s private hunt in 2018 yielded no success, and the final report in 2018 pointed to air traffic control failings, noting a manual change in the plane’s course. However, it failed to provide firm conclusions, leaving relatives disappointed and searching for answers.


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