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Minister Of Works Has Announced That The Three-Month Repair Of The Third Mainland Bridge Will Commence On November 1st

The Minister of Works, David Umahi, has announced that an extensive rehabilitation project is set to commence on the 11.8-kilometer Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos starting from November 1st, with a duration of three months.
Umahi made this declaration during a site inspection on Saturday, where he, along with a team of engineers, directors from the Federal Ministry of Works, and journalists, evaluated various bridges, including the Third Mainland Bridge and others, as reported by Channels.
During the inspection, the minister scrutinized the lagoon segments of the Third Mainland Bridge as well as the Carter, Independence, and Falomo Bridges. Additionally, he examined the deteriorating Marina shoreline, the problematic areas of the Five Cowries Bridge within Zone Two Police Headquarters in Onikan, Ijora Bridge, and Marina Bridge in Apapa.
Umahi assured that the comprehensive repair work on the entire stretch of the Third Mainland Bridge would be executed with minimal inconvenience to road users. He specified that the repairs would take place during weekend midnight hours.
The minister noted that he had already inspected the top surface of the bridge the day before commencing the inspection of the Lagoon sections. He emphasized the need to remove and replace the entire asphaltic covering due to undulating surfacing resulting from patching various sections of the top surface.
Umahi outlined that the upcoming maintenance phase would prioritize safeguarding the integrity and aesthetics of the bridge’s upper deck components. This would encompass the replacement of railings, installation of solar-powered lights, and the incorporation of CCTV cameras to enhance bridge security.
Furthermore, Umahi assured that the three-month maintenance project would be carried out without causing discomfort to motorists, with the work taking place between midnight and 4.00 a.m. on weekends.
Due to the urgency of the work, multiple contractors will be engaged, culminating in Phase Four, which involves repairs of deflected slabs, bearings, piers, and pile caps. The minister stressed the need for constant rehabilitation, as many of the bridges are approximately 60 years old and have exceeded their original design lifespan.
Additionally, Umahi highlighted the deteriorating state of the Marina shoreline, which poses a threat to the foundation of certain sections of the Blue Rail Line. Urgent protective measures have been initiated to address this issue.
Umahi warned that a 10-year maintenance obligation would be included in future projects, with contractors responsible for repair costs if the road showed signs of failure during that period. Contractors who construct roads that fail within two years could face legal consequences, aligning with global practices to prevent substandard construction.
The Third Mainland Bridge had previously been closed for a 24-hour emergency repair on October 21st, ending on October 22nd, to address some deteriorated sections.


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