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Life-Saving Leg Amputation Performed on Mr. Ibu by Doctors

A recent statement from the family of the actor known as Mr. Ibu, John Okafor, has revealed that a life-saving decision was made to amputate one of his legs. This update comes after it was reported in October that the veteran actor was unwell and in need of financial assistance for his treatment.
The statement, which was shared on the actor’s Instagram page on Monday, disclosed that Mr. Ibu has undergone a total of seven successful surgeries, one of which involved the amputation of one of his legs, all in an effort to preserve his life.
The statement conveyed, “Good afternoon, fellow Nigerians. We wish to express our gratitude to everyone who has supported our father. Saying that we are thankful is an understatement, and only the grace of the Almighty can adequately thank you for all the assistance you’ve provided.”
“As of 1 pm today, our father has undergone seven successful surgeries. Regrettably, in order to enhance his chances of recovery and keep him alive, one of his legs had to be amputated. This has been a difficult development for all of us, but we’ve had to accept it as the new reality for our father to ensure his survival.”
“We are still reaching out to compassionate Nigerians for support because, at this stage, our father remains in a very delicate condition and he requires all the assistance he can receive.
“We sincerely appreciate everyone who has stood by us, and we do not take your support for granted. In due time, our father will personally acknowledge all those who supported him during this challenging period as soon as he regains stability.”
Credit: Instagram | realmribu


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