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Kaduna Electric Dismisses 39 Employees for Fraud and Other Offenses

Kaduna Electric Management Announces Termination of 39 Employees for Policy Violations.
Kaduna Electric’s management has officially disclosed the termination of over 39 staff members due to various violations that contravened the company’s established policies. This revelation was made by Abdulazeez Abdullahi, the Head of Corporate Communication at Kaduna Electric, through a statement released in Kaduna on Monday.
 The infractions committed by the employees ranged from the misappropriation of company funds, fraudulent practices, unauthorized access, to absconding from their duties. Abdullahi emphasized that these transgressions were in clear violation of the revised employee conditions of service recently endorsed by the management, led by Managing Director Yusuf Yahaya, and both in-house labor unions.
 The statement pointed out that the misconduct of these terminated employees had negatively impacted the company’s financial standing, necessitating this decisive action. The management expressed its strong disapproval of any form of fraudulent activities perpetrated by staff members and affirmed its commitment to take stern measures against those found engaging in such behavior.
 The company hopes that the termination will serve as a deterrent to other employees, and it strongly advised customers not to engage in any business transactions with individuals involved in fraudulent activities aimed at undermining the company. Such actions hamper Kaduna Electric’s ability to fulfill its obligations to the electricity market.
 The statement concluded with a call to customers, urging them to promptly report any fraudulent activities observed among their fellow customers. Kaduna Electric seeks the support of its consumers in identifying and eliminating such individuals to ensure the provision of essential services to customers in their franchise states.


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