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Court Mandates Kano Government to Remit N30 Billion in 7 Days Following Demolition Ruling

Kano State Government Ordered to Pay N30 Billion within Seven Days in Shop Owners’ Lawsuit”
A Federal High Court in Kano has issued a compelling order to the Kano State Government, mandating them to pay the sum of N30 billion within a seven-day period. This development is part of an ongoing legal battle initiated by the Incorporated Trustees of Masallacin Eid Shop Owners and Traders against the government.
The lawsuit seeks a stay of execution concerning the court’s previous judgment, which was delivered on September 29, 2023. In that judgment, the Kano State Government was directed to remit N30 billion to the Incorporated Trustees of Masallacin Eid Shop Owners due to the unlawful demolition of their shops, which transpired without following proper legal procedures.
Justice Samuel Amobeda, the presiding judge, conditionally ruled that the N30 billion be deposited in the Court Bank Account within seven days, pending the outcome of the appeal process. The court also issued a stern warning against further interference with the properties, cautioning that failing to comply with the order could lead to contempt charges and imprisonment.
The Kano State Government had sought a motion for a stay of execution, which was granted by Justice Amobeda on the condition of paying the N30 billion. The court’s directive explicitly states that the execution of the judgment from suit number FHC/KN/Cs/208/2023, involving the Incorporated Trustees of Masallacin Eid Shop Owners and Traders Association, will be halted until the appeal is determined.
As per the court’s order, the execution of the previous judgment will remain suspended until the determination of the appeal, and the specific bank account details will be obtained from the Deputy Chief Registrar of the Court. The deposited amount, along with any accruing interests and administrative charges, will be disbursed to the prevailing party in the appeal.
The Kano State Government maintains its stance that the case revolves around the ownership of the properties, contending that they rightfully belong to the state government.


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