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Wheat Farmers Seek Government Intervention

The Wheat Farmers Association of Nigeria has appealed to the federal government to provide high-quality seeds and fertilizers to boost wheat production in the country.
The National President of the Association of Nigeria, Alhaji Musa Shehu made the call in Kano.
He said the certified seeds in circulation, not enough to meet the needs of all wheat farmers in Nigeria.
“One of the problems we’re facing is that certified seeds are not enough.
“I know a research institute and other agencies are doing their best now to ensure availability of seeds.”
According to him, in the Nigerian setting, research institutes that breed seed only do so on demand, as very few seeds are in the hands of farmers.
He added that the federal and state governments have a vital role to play in the area of agriculture, by increasing their budgetary allocation, particularly those in the northern states, where agriculture has the potential for poverty alleviation.


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