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Supreme Court Dismisses APM’s Appeal Regarding Tinubu

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of dismissing the appeal brought by the Allied Peoples Movement, which aimed to invalidate President Tinubu’s election. The party’s argument centered around the belief that President Tinubu’s placeholder nominee, Ibrahim Masari, was not replaced within the 14-day timeframe specified in Section 33 of the Electoral Act.
During the recent hearing, the lead counsel for the APM, Chukwuma-Machukwu Ume, clarified that their appeal did not revolve around the issue of double nomination but rather the alleged unlawful nomination of Vice President Kashim Shettima.
In response, the court questioned the APM’s intentions, asking, “What is the benefit of winning this appeal? There are other appeals seeking substantive outcomes. Your request doesn’t involve placing your candidate as president.” The panel, headed by John Okoro, raised this point.
Subsequently, the APM’s lawyer opted to withdraw the appeal, and none of the parties involved, including the APC, INEC, Ibrahim Masari, and Tinubu’s counsels, opposed this decision. “With the withdrawal, the appeal is hereby officially struck out,” noted Justice Okoro.


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