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Philanthropy: Kerojet Services LTD End Years of Water Scarcity, Construct, Commission Multi-Million Naira Solar-Powered Borehole in Kano Prison

We ascend the Olympian height of humanity when we transcend from just being humans to humanitarians. And humanitarianism is a passionate idealism rooted in a keen sense of empathy because compassion is the springboard of altruism. Life becomes literally meaningless when humanity is sacrificed at the altar of cupidity and avarice.
It was a wave of hope for inmates in Goron Dutse Children Remand Home in Kano State as they can now have access to potable water supply. 
This philanthropic gesture was executed by Kerojet Services Limited which has helped to end the over 10 years of water scarcity in the prison, where access to clean water has been an issue causing cholera and diarrhea for the inmates. 
Mr. Balogun Femi, and Other Directors of Kerojet Services LTD Addressing the Press After Commissioning
Goron Dutse Children Prison is one of the prisons managed by the Kano State government under the Ministry of Women Affairs. Mal. Idris Tarauni, the prison coordinator described the lack of water in the prison as one of the major problems making the prison inhabitable for inmates, adding that the problem is caused by the bad nature of the borehole and the unavailability of power supply.
The borehole has been bad for over 5 years now and this inmate sometimes will have to go out to fetch water to use, while sometimes they will have to stay like that for days without bathing, this is the reality he said. 
“We have done all we could to fix the water pumping machine, but it won’t just work because even the power supply when it comes, does not have the capacity to power the pumping machine as it is often a low voltage. 
Water Flowing From the Newly Constructed Borehole
“The Management of this prison is deeply excited at the kind philanthropic gesture of Kerojet Nigeria Limited for their human-centered thoughts in providing a solar-powered borehole for inmates of Goron Dutse Children Prison”. 
 Musa Sulaiman who represented the Honorable Commissioner for Women Affairs during the commissioning of the Solar powered borehole describe Kerojet services Ltd as a life safer. 
“So many companies, and organizations have promised to help solve this problem taking forever to fix, not because the government can not fix it, but because of the bureaucracy in governance, it has made it nearly impossible for the government to fix. 
Keroject Directors, Prison Management Officers Addressing Inmates (Beneficiaries)
“We are impressed, amazed, and dumbfounded by this philanthropic kindness of Keroject Services Limited for constructing this solar-powered borehole and giving these children a befitting place to stay pending when they serve their prison terms. 
Kerojet Services is one of the leading indigenous marketers of choice, providing trusted petroleum products and services in Nigeria. Their expertise spans across the provision of jetty services, marketing and distribution of LPG for retail, commercial, and industrial purposes, Aviation Dispatch Handling, Storage, and Hydrant Management. 
Mr. Balogun Femi, the Executive Director of Kerojet Services Ltd, described the company’s gesture as one of their own way of giving back to the Nigerian society, adding that no human being deserves to stay for more than 24h hours without access to water. 
What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal”. Balogun said. 
“At Keroject, we have made it a habit to always help communities or government institutions lacking access to some of the basic amenities, and what we are doing here today, we have done it across Jigawa state and currently executing a similar thing in Dawakin Tofa LGA.

“It was during our visit to this prison during the small Sallah after Ramadan that we discovered that inmates of this prison have been without water for many years, so we assured them that we will attend to it, and with the help and cooperation of the directors of the company today we are here to commission a solar-powered borehole in this prison. 
“We thank the Kano State Government for giving us the management of Kerojet the opportunity to help solve this problem voluntarily, it is not because the state government can not fix it, it is just destined that Kerojet will be the one to fix the problem. 
Mr. Balogun reemphasizes, stating that it is the responsibility of Kerojet to always fix any problem with the solar borehole should any arise. 
“Wherever we execute this kind of project, we also tell them it is our responsibility to fix the problem when any comes up and not the responsibility of the prison management. we understand that problems might come up in the process of usage, so when any arise, just contact us and in less than 48 hours we will come and fix the problem,” he added. 
Umar Usman Yahaya, one of the directors of Kerojet Services Ltd and the coordinator of works for the company described the project as a human-centered project and a timely one. 

“We are concerned about humanity as part of our company focus aside from the services we render, I was assigned the responsibility of supervising the project and I can confidently say that this project will last for many years before we talk of maintenance. 
“We are proud that we could contribute and also help solve problems in our communities, this is what humanity should be, and just as the CEO has said, we will still do more across different institutions and communities,” Yahaya said
This solar-powered borehole commissioning was witnessed by members of the public, government bodies, and the media.  


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