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Mob Assaults A Man And Police Officers In Abuja, Accusing Them Of Involvement In The Alleged Disappearance Of Organs

On Thursday evening, tension gripped the Dei Dei area of the Federal Capital Territory as a mob assaulted police officers from the Gwagwa police division. The incident occurred when the officers, numbering about five, attempted to rescue a man named Mubarak, who was on the verge of being lynched due to allegations of causing the disappearance of another man’s manhood.
According to reports, an unidentified individual had raised an alarm, claiming that his manhood had vanished after coming into contact with Mubarak. In response, a gathering formed around Mubarak, subjecting him to beatings in an attempt to remedy the alleged missing organ.
The situation escalated when the police arrived at the scene. Instead of releasing Mubarak to the officers, the mob turned on the police, even damaging their vehicle.
An anonymous resident of the area recounted, “The mob then turned to the policemen and destroyed their vehicle and assaulted them also. Those who escaped called their office, and they were reinforced to the location. The whole area was tense yesterday, and we are uncertain about what will happen next. This manhood issue is becoming a serious problem, and it’s time we address it.”
Confirming the incident, FCT police spokesperson SP Josephine Adeh stated that the police officers dispatched to rescue Mubarak were attacked by the mob. Additional police forces were promptly sent to the scene to restore order. Adeh emphasized that law-abiding citizens can now resume their activities without fear.
However, she noted that the Commissioner of Police strongly condemned the attack on the police officers and ordered the arrest of those responsible. Adeh also reiterated the police’s warning against mob attacks, especially in cases related to organ disappearance, and mentioned that 14 individuals involved in the incident have already been apprehended, with ongoing efforts to apprehend others involved.


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