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Meet Kogi’s Pride who Makes Airplane with Local Materials 

Lukman Abdulmalik
A Nigerian boy identified as Abdulmumuni Adinoyi Taofiq from the Okehi local government area of Kogi State has taken to social media with his amazing crafts of creating robotic aircraft.
Taofiq is 21 years old. He had his nursery and primary education in Okene. From there he moved to Irawo Secondary School, Felele, Lokoja in 2019 for his Secondary School Education.
At Irawo Secondary School Taofiq was said to have been more interested in science subjects, specifically electronics and mechanical fields.
To further his education, he gained admission to study Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering at the Federal University of Technology Minna, in 2021.
He said: “Though that wasn’t what I applied for, I applied to study Mechatronics engineering, which is more related to my ambition.”
Following a review of his displayed craft on social media, Herald Reporters had an interview with Taofiq on his future ambition.
“I have always been interested in flying objects, including birds, ever since I was a child. I have a dream that I will fly one day.
“My passion for flying started growing stronger when I was 10 years old. I watched a movie where an ultralight aircraft was used and since then I wanted to build my own airplane to experience flying technology and its science.”
He also narrated, “I drew plans and blueprints which I told some of my friends that I want to create an airplane.
“Many people will see it as a near-impossible dream. Some laughed while few encouraged me to keep to my dreams.”
In 2011, Taofiq started developing robotic airplanes by reading books and watching movies related to his interest.
“I usually crafted small airplanes with different materials, by applying any new thing I learned, with the hopes that it will fly, but I always get disappointed when it doesn’t.
“I didn’t lose hope, I kept on studying and experimenting, It continued like that till I was able to get something right and I made my first mini airplane that attempted to fly in 2018.”
Toafiq said he was so joyous about the results.
He expressed that due to financial issues, he was unable to get the necessary tools and materials to run the full test.
In 2020 he got his needed equipment as a gift from a friend, and he was able to build his first miniature remote control airplane that actually flew and landed, describing it as one of the best experiences he ever had.
How I Made my Robotic Airplane
Toafiq revealed that he normally makes use of locally sourced materials for building his mini airplanes, ranging from scrap packaging styrofoams to cartons and even palm tree branches, which took him a day to create a mini robotic airplane.
He said: “I manage to put all these materials together to create a rigid airframe before putting electronic components.
“Some of the electronics I use are fabricated by me, while some are gotten from electronics stores, before connecting them to work together so that the aircraft can fly.
Toafiq showcased his unique talent by crafting more than 30 different prototypes of aircraft and drones that successfully flew.
He added that each airplane I developed is either an experiment or an improvement on the previous ones I made.
In Next Five Years
Toafiq cleared that in the next five years, he hoped to have fully established robotics and drone solutions to the country’s everyday problems, such as aerial surveillance, mapping, and most importantly, drone agriculture, which is the usage of drones to spray large farm areas within shorter moments of time.
“Also, I wish to work with other like minds in bringing a solution to other problems such as logistics and security through the use of drone technology.
“I also won’t fail to share my knowledge and skills to the younger ones who are also interested in aviation and engineering.”
“I am still an average student who is still struggling with basic necessities, and this hardship is seriously draining me back in my talent.
“I think the biggest assistance I need for now is someone who can sponsor my education.
“All my educational expenses are still on my parents, who are struggling to provide for me and my younger ones.
“An educational sponsor and an engineering mentor will be the biggest assistance I would ever get,” Taofiq disclosed.
Abdulmumuni Adinoyi Taofiq can be reached via taofiq15taohan@gmail.com or +234 81206 67590


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