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#FreeSeunKuti: Nigerians Are The Enemy Of Themselves – Ghanaian Rapper Respond To Agitators.

A Ghanaian actor Vic Mensah has reacted to the agitation movement #FreeSeunKuti, discrediting the movement, he called on the Nigeria Police to serve justice duly and that no one must be spared.
On his social media handle, he described Nigerians as the enemy of themselves, adding that how can Policeman be humiliated in that manner and all that Nigerians will do is create a movement that will support such character.
“Police must be respected, and there is no justification for treating a Police officer in uniform like a street brat and you expect the law to let you go, that won’t happen in any civilized society.
“Let me ask, assume the same Seun sees his brother or sister being treated in such manner, how will he feel,”
Mensah narrates what he read in an article that tries to justify Seun’s act as there is a mitigating factor of how his father was treated by the Nigerian Police many years back.
“How could some justify an action of such by saying its because his father was treated that way, so for that reason, he has been affected psychologically, that’s crazy to think of I must say,”
If Nigerians want a good Nigeria for themselves and also want other countries like Ghana to continue to respect them, they must behave well and support what is right.
It will be recalled that Seun was arrested for assaulting a Police officer whom he claimed tried to run over his car while he was driving his family, Seun who was seen slapping the Police officer has since been arranged by the Lagos Police Command while the matter has been transferred to the court to decide.


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