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Divorce A Ponzi Scheme, 98 Out 100 Richest Women Made Their Money Through Divorce – Gordon Nathaniel


American talk show anchor, Gordon Nathaniel has asserted that divorce is a Ponzi scheme which women use to enrich themselves. He said that 98 of the top 100 world’s richest women got their wealth by divorcing their husbands. According to the host of Toxic Reality Show, only two women on the list of the wealthiest women got rich through their skills and hard work.

Nathaniel criticised the independent rich society women for claiming that it was their work and hustle which earned them their riches. He said they deceived their husbands into thinking the union would be forever only for them to later file for divorce and take half of the wealth. He claimed that 80 percent of women are the ones who initiate divorce and alienate their ex-husbands from their children’s lives. The presenter went on to accuse the women of only being good at stealing and destroying, saying they’ve never built anything.



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