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CITAD Embraces ICT in Girl’s International Day

The Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) marked both World Creativity and Innovation Day and International Girls in ICT Day with a special event.
The event highlighted the connection between global innovation, technological progress, and empowering girls and women in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).
Held last Thursday, the event featured a sensitization session led by Kano-based journalist Mariya Shuaibu Suleiman and gender activist Hadiza Yusuf. The discussion, titled “Empowering Female Leaders in the Digital Age: Overcoming Challenges and Seizing Opportunities,” explored the unique challenges faced by women in ICT and offered strategies to overcome them.
Speaking at the Kano event, Engr. Kamalu Umaru, representing CITAD’s Executive Director, said the center exposes participants to various ICT sector career opportunities and encourages them to explore this vast field.
“We celebrate the power of creativity and innovation, especially when it fuels the advancement of women in ICT,” Umaru said. “By fostering a more inclusive digital space, we unlock the full potential of our society.”
He added that the event served as a platform for raising awareness about the importance of girls’ participation in ICT and fostering a more inclusive digital future.
Engr. Umaru addressed participants from various Kano communities, emphasizing the central role of ICT in the modern world and the countless opportunities it holds for those who pursue careers in the sector.
In their presentation, Mariya Shuaibu Suleiman and Hadiza Yusuf highlighted the achievements of women in tech while acknowledging the ongoing challenges.
“There are incredible women making waves in the tech industry, but we still face barriers,” they said. “Events like these are crucial for encouraging young girls to pursue careers in ICT and for shaping a future where women are recognized leaders in this field.”
They added that bridging the digital gender gap requires a multifaceted approach. This includes providing girls with access to ICT education and training, challenging stereotypes, and creating supportive networks for women already working in the industry.
Participants expressed their appreciation to CITAD for its continuous support of the Girls in ICT initiative and commended the sensitization lecture for providing a window into the realities of working in the ICT sector.


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