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CCTV Footage: Man Caught On Camera Stealing Phone Worth 800k From Dancell Shop In Kano

A few seconds was all it took for a man to steal a Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G smartphone worth over 800k from the counter in Dancell shop at Beirut Road, one of the major dealers of all brands of phones in Kano state.
Closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) footage shared via WhatsApp showed a bespectacled man wearing a long native attire and a black facemask grabbing the phone which was on display as soon as he entered the shop while, he also made his way to find a seat as he insert the phone into his pocket while looking around so he won’t be caught.
One of the Sales associates in the shop could be seen attending to items in one of show-glass, with a divided attention as it appears that she didn’t see man walked into the shop.
In the same footage, the other Sales associate in a black shirt can be seen sitting behind operating a phone, but could not notice when the man entered.
Insider infomation in the market revealed that the Sales associate under whose care the phone is kept in the shop is not a staff of Dancell but an Ambassador of Tecno Mobile and as such may be liable for the loss, but it was unclear if she was in the footage, or around when the man came in to steal the phone.
However, Herald Reporters could not ascertain if the two Sales associates in the footage are staff of Tecno Mobile either.
“Usually, the phones are kept as displayed on the show glass for customers’ view, and it is plugged to a security charger for security purposes, but in this case, the security alert never beeped so he pulled it off and insert it in his pocket immediately even before he could be noticed.”
Phantom V Fold 5G is one of Tecno’s recently launched smartphones under its Phantom series, one of its top-ranking mobile phones worth over 800k and was first sold based on pre-order.
As of the time of filling this report, the identity of the man is yet to be known while there is no report from the police as regards his identity.
Considering the worth of the phone, it is also yet unclear if the Sales associate under whose care the phone was stolen will be responsible for the loss or being a displayed phone, it’s one of those common risks associated with open display and advertising of expensive phones.
While the man is currently on the run, there is an appeal to the general public to help in tracking his whereabouts and identity so as to help recover the phone.


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