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Akwa Ibom State Governor Has Clarified That The “One Project-Per-LGA Initiative” Is A Way Of Expressing Gratitude To The People

 Akwa Ibom State Governor, Umo Éno, has conveyed his deep appreciation to the citizens for their unwavering support of the Peoples Democratic Party during elections. He emphasized that the “one project-per-local government” initiative launched by his administration is a way of showing gratitude to the people.
Governor Éno expressed his sentiments during a “Thank You Visit” to the Eket Senatorial District of the state on Saturday. He recognized that politicians routinely seek votes during election campaigns, yet often fail to return after the elections to show appreciation to the voters. He believes that the “one project per local government” initiative is a way of saying ‘thank you’ for the people’s support.
He stated, “I have come today to say thank you to the twelve local governments that make up the Eket senatorial district. Thank you very much for your support during our electioneering campaigns. Sometimes I feel like I should move from house to house, but I believe that our engagement in life-touching projects is also a means of expressing our gratitude to you.”
Governor Éno underscored the importance of bringing government projects, such as schools, markets, and hospitals, to the people. He stressed the need to make the impact of government more tangible in the lives of the citizens, especially in rural areas.
The governor also announced the launch of two significant road projects, the Orukim – Unyenge road in Mbo LGA and the Ikot Ubo-Nsit Atai road projects. He assured the public that his administration is committed to making conscious efforts to positively impact the lives of those residing in rural areas.
Furthermore, Governor Éno encouraged stakeholders and leaders to address delicate issues with wisdom and unity to prevent crises. He urged them to collaborate on the selection of projects that align with the government’s development plans for grassroots communities.
In response, Senator Ekong Sampson, representing Eket Senatorial District, commended the leadership qualities of the governor and pledged the district’s support for government initiatives aimed at advancing the overall development of the state.


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